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Fourth Day - Sewol Disaster


It has been four days since the sinking of Sewol, and the continuous effort to help those still trapped has never stopped. 

The air injection is still in action. 

The officials have released 28 aircrafts, 600 divers with 40 with each dive to attempt. More than 50 divers went in yesterday, and it has been confirmed that they found 3 bodies near the 4th floor.

Water levels are rapidly increasing and the weather isn’t helping the search one bit. We can only pray and give our thoughts. 

Read the article here

Please continue to pray for South Korea.


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Please excuse my terrible English, it is not my first language.

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I don’t feel comfortable reblogging anything with everything’s thats going on with the Sewol tragedy. 

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Sewol Tragedy


I apologize if you are following me and don’t want to see anything about the Sewol, but my heart is in South Korea right now. I used to scuba dive and it breaks my heart that the divers haven’t found anyone yet. I wish I could be there to help.

If you feel slightly agitated or like you can’t understand what’s going on, this is South Korea’s equivalent of 9/11 - except with high schoolers. New episodes won’t be running, new music won’t be released… because all anyone wants to hear about is if someone made it home safe. Jonghyun was crying on the radio yesterday. If I could find a link to the program, I’d post it here. I’m sure many of those on board were Shinee fans. I can’t imagine how broken hearted Korea’s idols are right now. Those teenagers are their biggest supporters.

Out of the 300+ students on board, only 75 made it out on the first day. None have been rescued since then. If you would like to get Tumblr updates about the Sewol, I highly suggest following angels-reverie and tsuruii.

Here are some translations from yesterday’s Blue Night via foxlti @cosmicsticks

☆| Jenny @ SHINeefeels

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When I get on my knees and cry before the world, when I stop my tracks inside the storm, if you alone are standing I can handle this much pain and suffering. #personal #me

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I’m tired and I can’t find home. #personal #me

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best faces of vixx

han sanghyuk.